Following a successful inaugural in July 2018, Privé Alliance releases a 9-piece limited collection exclusively designed by Byun Baekhyun (BBH). The collection continues the concept of "Fearless" that expands to the idea of repetition and endlessness visible in the photographs incorporated and logo placements. With the artist's direct design advantage, personal touches such as color preferences and oversized silhouettes are also shown.

Available on September 20th at and in physical stores at GR8 Tokyo and D-Mop Hong Kong.
Privé Alliance September Lookbook


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The first release features pieces with distinct personal touches around the concept of “Fearless”—a term that is significant to the artist, wherein he incorporates images like measuring tapes and barcodes portraying the sense of immeasurable fear.


MOTION Defining the ideal concept of streetwear can be taken from its counterculture of hip-hop and its staples that also defines Privé Alliance––c...